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    Reagent Bottles

    Looking to Reagent bottles then you have reached the right place. Here for you are a selection of our very own RS PRO range reagent bottles available in sizes ranging from 50ml to 1 L and supplied with a polyethylene stopper.

    What are glass reagent bottles used for?

    Reagent bottles are made from glass with a classic vintage design. Their primary purpose is storing liquid chemicals or powder commonly found in laboratories or chemical testing environments. Clear bottles are ideal for reading the graduations and displaying how much liquid is in the bottle.

    Some applications for Reagent Bottle:

    • Medical
    • Storage
    • Laboratory
    • Chemical testing

    What are the benefits of reagent bottles?

    • Soda-Lime clear glass
    • Easy to clean and sterilise
    • Graduation measurements (ml)
    • Narrow neck
    • Colour coded stopper

    Important Information

    Always ensure you are wearing the appropriate hand protection and eye protection when handling reagent bottles that contain chemicals. Also, consider using borosilicate glass beakers to make life easier for pouring measured amounts into vessels like test tubes or graduated cylinders.

    Why would you choose RS for Reagent bottles?

    We support laboratory technicians and DIY hobbyists with high-quality lab bottles. Our very own RS PRO range is safe, graduated, store up to 1L of liquid or powder. All our reagent bottles can be easily cleaned and sterilised.

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