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    Radiation Detectors

    A radiation meter or detector can detect and measuring the extent of any radiation within your environment. The radiation meter can also be known as a Geiger counter and is capable of measuring emissions from radiations such as gamma rays, beta rays and x-rays. Radioactivity is a process that sees unstable atoms of an element emitting excess energy through waves or particles. These waves or particles are called ionising, and it is this ionising that is hazardous to our health and what is picked up by these detectors. The radiation detector will then continuously monitor the environment and alert you to let you know the level of radiation within your environment.

    These portable radiation detectors allow you to move around an environment without risking your safety. Constantly monitoring the environment against harmful radiation waves or particles.

    Where are radiation detectors used?

    Radiation detectors are used in a variety of industries, such as

    • Hospitals
    • Nuclear Power Stations
    • X-ray manufacturers
    • Government Agencies
    • Emergency Forces

    Why Choose RS for a Radiation Detector?

    RS has a range of Radiation Detectors can suit your requirements from leading brands. We have technical advisors on hand to answer any question you might have or for advice on purchasing.

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