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    Testo Moisture Meters

    Celebrating a 60-year history of engineering excellence, Testo is a trusted choice for moisture meters. Assessing moisture content is an intuitive experience with Testo's ergonomic meters. Equipped with easy-to-read backlit displays, capable meters provide precise measurements across a range of building materials including concrete, plaster, and wood.

    How do moisture meters work?

    Moisture meters, also known as damp meters or detectors, measure the moisture content within a particular material. Two types exist:

    • Pin-type meters feature small metallic pins, which penetrate the material to pass a current between them. Resistance to the current is proportional to the amount of moisture present and can be converted into a moisture reading.
    • Pinless-type meters use flat contacts which do not penetrate the material. These meters take a reading of electrical impedance in the material, converting the amount of opposition into a relative moisture measurement.

    Why are moisture meters useful?

    Moisture meters serve many applications, depending on the materials they are capable of measuring. Agricultural workers often make use of moisture meters to measure water content in the soil, which is an important variable in farming practices. Construction workers use moisture meters to assess levels of moisture within ceilings and walls, which are particularly useful to identify ingress of dampness.

    Choosing a Testo moisture meter

    When choosing a Testo moisture meter, consider whether the structural integrity of the material must be retained. If so, opt for a pinless-type moisture meter.

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