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    EMF Meters

    An EMF (Electromagnetic Field) tester is used to measure the radiation of an electromagnetic field. An EMF is a combination of an electric field and a magnetic field combined with electric fields found on most electrical appliances when plugged into an outlet. A magnetic field is created when the appliance is switched on at the outlet. EMF testers are used to diagnose any problems with electrical wiring, power lines and electrical shielding effectiveness.

    Measuring the EM Field?

    RS has a range of EMF testers suitable for home and office use. The frequency to which EMF testers measure the EM field is very important. Most EMF testers are constructed to measure a frequency range of 30Hz to 60Hz, which are some of the most commonly used electrical frequencies. However, there are EMF testers that can measure above and below this range to suit your application needs.

    What applications are EMF Meters used in?

    EMF measurement devices have a range of application use such as;

    • Around power lines
    • Industrial devices
    • Home appliances
    • Computer monitors

    Why choose RS for EMF Testers?

    RS has a range of high-quality EMF Testers whilst bringing you great value for money. Our wide range of products have been engineered to meet high industry standards, so you are assured reliable and robust solutions.

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