Component & IC Testers

Component & IC Testers are devices used to test ICs (Integrated Circuits) and SMD (Service Mounting Devices) and measure a range of electrical parameters such as voltage, resistance, capacitance, diode, continuity and more. Component & IC testing devices are available in a range of devices, many of which are portable hand held devices.

Many testers feature large LCD screens that allow you to view results clearly in real time, ensuring you always have a precise and accurate reading.

There are a range of accessories available that are compatible with component and & IC testing devices, ideal for testing a variety of small parts and components with precision without having to use large probes, such as tweezers.


Testers for components and ICs are commonly used in applications such as:

  • Production
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance

What are the main types of testers?

IC & component testers are available in a variety of designs suited to test certain things. The main types available are:

  • Component
  • IC
  • Thyristor
  • Triac

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Description Price Resistance Measurement Resolution Capacitance Measurement Resolution Tester Type Display Type Battery Life Battery Type Power Source Dimensions Weight Height Length Maximum Capacitance Measurement Maximum Operating Temperature Maximum Resistance Measurement
RS Stock No. 771-8553
Mfr. Part No.Leaper-1A
- - IC 16 Char x 1 Row, LCD - 9V Alkaline Battery 160 x 110 x 45mm 312g 45mm 160mm - +45°C -
RS Stock No. 771-8562
Mfr. Part No.Leaper-2
- - IC 16 Char x 1 Row, LCD - 9V Battery 160 x 110 x 45mm 340g 45mm 160mm - +45°C -