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    Martindale Socker Testers

    Martindale Socket Testers are electrical testing devices designed to check the wiring and safety of electrical sockets. These testers are used to ensure that sockets are correctly wired and that the earth connection is working correctly. The testers work by being plugged into the socket and then indicating whether the wiring is correct or not through a series of LEDs or a digital display.

    Why use a Martindale Tester?

    • Safety - Socket testers are designed to check for potential electrical hazards in the wiring of sockets and by using one people are protected from an electrical shock and appliances are not damaged due to faulty wiring
    • Simple and easy to use – no training is needed to use one and results are displayed in a clear and easy to understand way
    • Time-saving – these testers can quickly identify faults in electrical sockets, so problems can be fixed straight away without the need for expensive equipment or professional help

    Applications that use Martindale socket testers include:

    • Domestic and commercial electrical installations where electrical sockets are present
    • Electrical testing and inspection to identify faults and ensure that electrical systems are safe and up to code

    Factors to consider before buying a Martindale socket tester include:

    • Type of socket – you need a socket tester that is compatible with the type of sockets you will be testing
    • Display type – can feature audio alarms, LEDs or a digital display
    • Testing functions – do you need additional testing functions, such as checking for reversed polarity or low voltage
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