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    Martindale Proving Units

    A Martindale proving unit is a device that is portable and used to verify the safe operation of a two pole voltage tester than well as the accuracy being maintained. Martindale Proving Units and Proving Unit Kits allow you to have peace of mind will be made that the accuracy of your voltage tester is maintained between calibration intervals. Tested on both AC and DC voltage instruments, whilst reducing the risk of a shock or arc flash by validating the testing equipment.

    Proving Unit Kits are a combination of proving units and voltage indicators, similar to the Martindale VIPD150 kit where both devices are carried in a dedicated pouch for easy transportation. Measuring voltages from 50V to 690V, it has a versatile range for several voltage testers.

    Why Choose RS for a Martindale Proving Unit?

    When choosing a Martindale proving unit, RS has a comprehensive range of Martindale Proving Units and Proving Unit Kits with on hand technical advice from our product experts to aid your decisions. RS offers an in house calibration service (RSCAL) prior to delivery, but also offers a yearly service for these products.

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