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    Earth Testers

    Earth and ground resistance testers are essential electrical instruments used to ensure the grounding resistance of appliances and equipment is sufficient. Ground and earth meters are vital for ensuring a safe path to earth is established, in case of utility over voltage or lightning strike.

    What types of Earth testers are available?

    Earth testers are types of devices ideal for testing and measuring electrical systems to ensure they are grounded, and the current has a safe path to earth, in case of utility over voltage or lightning strike. Ground and earth testers are available in a variety of formats including:

    • Clamp
    • Desktop
    • Handheld
    • Plug in

    Why is Earthing Testing important?

    Testing the earth resistance of an appliance is an important test and measurement procedure as it ensures appliances are safe to use and also stabilises voltage levels. Grounding is an essential element for any electrical installation as it protects appliances and stabilises voltage levels. Earthing is also important is it also provides a safe path for electrical currents to travel to earth in the event of over voltage or lightning strike, ultimately preventing injury through electric shock or death.

    Why choose RS for Earth Testers and Earth Tester Kits?

    RS have a comprehensive range of earth testers and earth tester kits pens, from market-leading brands such as Fluke, Megger, Chauvin Arnoux and our very own brand RS PRO. RS has technical advisers on hand to provide you information not only on the product, but our calibrated service for these Earth Testers. All of our products are available for next day delivery.

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