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    Keysight Technologies Data Acquisition

    Data acquisition is the process of acquiring signals that measure electronic outputs such as voltage, current, temperature, pressure, or sound, and converting these measurements into real time values on a computer display. Convert analogue waveforms into digital values for processing and analysing.

    The Data acquisition process is initiated by sensors recording the property to be measured such as temperature, light intensity, gas pressure, fluid flow and force which are transformed into a readable sample by signal conditioning circuitry. Analogue to digital converters then change the sensed signal into digital values.

    Why Keysight Technologies?

    Keysight Technologies are a renowned, world leading brand in Data Acquisition who provide both DAQ & DAS Data Acquisition technology. Keysight Technologies offer industry leading expertise and technical support to get the most from their competitive products. Their focus is on accelerating innovation and providing unmatched customer service.

    Applications for Keysight Technologies Data Acquisition include:

    • Research and Analysis
    • Design Validation and Verification
    • Manufacturing and Quality Test
    • Diagnostic and Repair
    • Asset Condition Monitoring
    • PC-Based Control and Automation

    They possess some key features including

    • Extremely long life
    • High performance
    • Durable and robust
    • Convenient and productive
    • Safe and efficient

    Browse the broad range of Keysight Technologies Data Acquisition RS Components have to offer for all Data Acquisition requirements.

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