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    Chart Recorder Accessories

    A chart recorder is an implement that measures and records signals from temperatures, humidity, pH, pressure to name a few. Having the correct accessories to complement your chart recorder is essential. As we know, there are three types of chart recorders, with varying accessories for each of them. 

    Types of Accessories for Chart Recorders

    • Pens - Mainly used with mechanical chart recorders on a roll of paper, for when replacing the pen or if you need a different colour. Using different colours enables you to measure various aspects at once, and results can be easily interpreted.
    • Paper - Used with mechanical chart recorders replacement rolls of paper that can be easily changed in will enable you get back to work. Rotary replacement paper is only used with circular chart recorders, so it's important you use the correct replacement chart paper.
    • Software - When using a electro-mechanical or electronic chart recorder, you might need to install software to analyse the results.

    RS has a range of chart recorder accessories to meet your requirements from some leading suppliers.

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