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    Dual Power Supplies

    The dual power supply sits on your benchtop and is useful in the design and testing phase of your electronic circuit. It is widely used by electricians, engineers, and students in laboratories and industrial facilities. The dual bench power supply is used to provide two variable or fixed voltages. Dual output bench power supply is also used to provide two variable or fixed currents. Depending on the power supply of choice, it can be used to supply Alternating Current (AC) or Direct Current (DC). The dual output voltage is electrically isolated from the high input voltage provided by the power supply's transformer. Dual bench power supply overcomes the drawbacks of single output power supplies when two outputs are needed to power your electronic circuit. For example, operational amplifiers has two rails, a dual output bench power supply can then be used to provide the appropriate negative to positive rail-to-rail supply voltage to power your operational amplifier circuit. Dual bench power supply can also be handy when you need a regulated supply voltage for dual generators without having to take the other one offline. If you are looking to power your circuit without a battery, you may well use a voltage regulator that can be powered by a dual power supply.

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