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    Safety Enabling Switches

    Safety enabling switches are 3-position safety switches that help operators avoid any danger if a machine accidentally operates, when the operator squeezes or releases the switch it will disable the machinery. used in hazardous and dangerous areas the safety switches will help stop any serious accidents and will protect the machine operator. Visual observations, minor adjustments, troubleshooting, calibration, tool changes, and lubrication are examples of tasks that may utilise a safety enabling switch.

    Benefits of Safety Enabling Switches

    • Safe Working in a dangerous zone
    • Protect the operator and persons working in the danger zone from overreactions in the machine control system
    • Three-position operation (off-on-off)
    • Ergonomic design


    • Packaging Equipment
    • Robotics
    • Semiconductor Manufacturing
    • Printing Machinery
    • Pharmaceutical and Chemical Processing
    • Automotive Plants
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