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    Honeywell Thermostatic Switches

    Precision engineering. Commercial sense. From the exacting needs of high-end industrial and aerospace applications to commercial safety and office equipment usage, Honeywell Sensing and Control thermostat solutions are the recognized, respected leader. Each thermostats design is configured from a base unit and can be customized for temperature tolerance and mechanical configurations, meeting any of your needs for accuracy and exactitude. It makes sense to trust industry-leading engineering and innovation.

    What does a Thermostatic Switch do?

    A thermostatic switch is designed to regulate temperature by switching a heating or cooling system on-off when needed to maintain a consistent temperature. A simple way to understand this is that a thermostat monitors the temperature of the liquid in a boiler to turn on the heating and warm radiators to a preset level, they can also offer temperature control of air conditioning units.

    Honeywell Thermostatic Switches

    The Honeywell thermostatic switches feature bimetallic type switching. A bimetallic thermostat consists of strips of two different metals (bimetal) that expand and contract at different temperatures, as they do so they open and close the circuit when the desired temperature is reached. Honeywell offers temperature control switches for both commercial and precision applications. Both commercial and precision snap-action thermostatic switches include automatic and manual reset options, phenolic or ceramic housings and a wide variety of mounting brackets and terminal options, the precision line includes both hermetic and non-hermetic devices.

    Commercial type thermostats are suitable for a wide array of small and major appliances, automotive applications, office copy machines and HVAC equipment, plus heat and smoke detectors. Whether its military or aerospace industries, or your office building, each Honeywell sensing and control thermostat can be designed to offer the performance and reliability you demand, and the service you need.

    Precision type thermostats offer a highly reliable control for potential high-end applications, including computers, copy machines, aircraft, radar, medical equipment and electronic control systems — each designed to meet the most stringent environmental conditions for dielectric strength, moisture, resistance, vibration, shock and hermetic seal for complete application flexibility.

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