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    Honeywell Microswitch Actuators

    Our selection of Honeywell microswitch actuators pair perfectly with the range of Honeywell microswitches we offer. An ideal accessory, these auxiliary actuators facilitate the wide-ranging applications of Honeywell microswitches by providing reliable and inexpensive input functionality.

    How do they work?

    Microswitch actuators operate the spring mechanism in microswitches. They use a lever to open and close contacts inside the switch which subsequently allows the mechanism to move electrical current between connectors and actuate the direction of current in the circuit.

    Why are they useful?

    Microswitches are small devices designed for low currents and voltages, they are parts commonly employed in safety devices where they act as sensors to provide a means of opening a circuit when needed. An example application of this type is an automatic door mechanism. Microswitch actuators complement switch systems by providing an interface for electromechanical input.

    How do I choose the right actuator?

    We offer microswitch actuators suitable for use with Honeywell SE Series, SM Series, SX Series and V-Basic switches. Information regarding compatibility can be found on each of the individual product pages.

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