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    Honeywell Roller Level Limit Switches

    Pioneering quality solutions for numerous industries has allowed Honeywell to become a name synonymous with engineering expertise. This expertise offers their roller lever limit switches trusted reliability, with designs compliant with exacting quality standards.

    What is a roller lever limit switch?

    Limit switches are switch devices operated by the exertion of mechanical force onto an actuator. As an object exerts this force onto the actuator, it operates the switch by changing the configuration of contacts inside the switch mechanism. Roller lever limit switches feature a lever with a roller. An object operates the switch by moving the lever, with the roller serving to reduce the friction needed to do so.

    Comparing plunger, roller lever, and roller plunger limit switches

    These limit switches can be differentiated by their respective actuator types. Various actuator configurations exist to offer limit switches compatibility with specialised applications. Requirements of an individual project or installation should be considered, as some actuator types may be better suited than others.

    Choosing a Honeywell roller lever limit switch

    Consider connection type, housing material, and normal state configuration when choosing a roller lever limit switch. Our expertly selected product range features options from Honeywell's trusted GLA, GLC, and NGC series.

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