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    Schneider Electric Selector Switches & Key Switches

    Schneider Electric are the solution provider for Key Switches and Selector Switch complete units, push buttons, pilot lights, switches, including the internationally recognised Harmony range of key switches and selector switches, all available from Schneider Switches.

    The schneider Electric Harmony range of not only provides key selector and selector switch complete units, it also includes solutions for joysticks, switches, pilot lights, and push buttons. When you need a key switch or selector switch that gives you efficient, effective, and hard-wearing operation you can rely on, the Schneider Electric key switches and selector switches are the perfect choice.

    Why select choose Selector Switch and Key Switch units?

    You use a Selector Switch when the switch applications require more than a single control option. A Schneider selector switch allows you to switch and control circuits, switching them on or off. In the case of Key switches (also known as lock switches or safety switches) they add security to the operation of switches. As a Key is required you can lock the switch limiting access to the Key Switch operation plus disconnecting the unit.

    Complete Key switch and Selector switch units are available for every type of application supplied in various sizes, colours, head types, IP Protection (IP65, IP66), IK Protection (IK06) and materials. They are normally supplied complete with key, switch actuators, contact blocks, fixing collars and terminal types.

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