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    Siemens Emergency Stop Foot Switches

    Siemens emergency stop foot switches are safety devices that are predominantly used within an industrial setting. They are operated by a worker's foot, making the device simple and quick to use. An emergency stop foot switch aims to prevent injury to any personnel and stop the supply to the circuit.

    How do Emergency Stop Foot Switches work?

    A Siemens emergency stop foot switch works by breaking the circuit to stop the machinery from working. They urgently kill the power of the machine and break the circuit to prevent injury in the event of danger. The footswitch is usually encased in protective housing, however, not all emergency stop foot switches have this feature.

    Types of Emergency Stop Foot Switches

    The specifications of Siemens emergency stop switches vary depending on the equipment or machinery that they will be used for. RS provides a wide range of Siemens emergency stop foot switches, that have varying different features to fit your machinery and equipment, to ensure the safety of all personnel. Siemens offer a momentary safety emergency foot stop, as well as a 2-step emergency foot stop depending on the machinery or equipment. We also offer various specification types regarding the pole and throw configuration, including DPDT, DPST and SPST.

    Buy from our wide selection of Emergency Stop Foot Switches from Siemens who are one of the leading global conglomerates providing world class products. At RS, we strive to give you the best offers from our top quality suppliers and to promptly deliver in the shortest time.

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