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    Cynergy3 Reed Switches

    Cyneryg3 reed switches are magnetic sensing devices that are made from quality and high performing materials, including copper rhodium and tungsten. These materials provide the switch technology with accuracy, durability, and reliability. Reed switches are ideal for use in electrical circuit installations and are used as a sensing solution that uses a magnetic field.

    What are reed switches?

    A reed switch is an electromagnetic switch used to control the flow of electricity in a circuit. They are typically made from one or two ferrous reeds which are encased in a glass envelope which is tube-like.

    Types of reed switches

    At RS Components we offer a variety of Cynergy3 reed switches with a range of contact configurations including SP-CO, SP-NO and SPST. There is a range of contact resistances offered with Cyneryg3 reed switches which range from 80 mΩ to 500 mΩ. We offer a wide variety of reed switches that can best meet the needs of the application.

    Typical Applications

    Cynery3 reed switch or reed sensor applications can include burglar alarm sensors and washing machines. Cynergy3 reed relays and reed switches are also commonly used in medical equipment, including defibrillators and internal cameras.

    Cynergy3 is at the forefront of RF relay technology and provides high-quality products that are rigorously tested to provide the best performance. Quality and innovation are at the centre of Cynergy3. Find a wide range of Cynergy3 reed switches at RS Components where we strive to give you the best offers from our supplier and to promptly deliver in the shortest time.

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