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    Bulgin Capacitive Switches

    Bulgin is a manufacturer of high-quality electronic components, including switches and connectors.Bulgin offers a range of capacitive switches that are designed to provide reliable touch-sensitive solutions for various applications. Their capacitive switches are known for their durability, responsiveness, and versatility.

    What are the benefits of Bulgin Capacitive Switches?

    Here are some key features that may be found in Bulgin capacitive switches:

    • Robust design: Bulgin's capacitive switches are designed to withstand demanding environments.
    • Customisation options: Bulgin capacitive switches may offer customization options to meet specific application requirements.
    • Enhanced sensitivity: Bulgin capacitive switches are designed to provide high sensitivity, allowing for reliable touch detection and accurate input recognition.
    • Sealing options: Depending on the specific model, Bulgin capacitive switches may offer different sealing options, such as IP65 or IP68 ratings.
    • LED indicators: Some capacitive switches may incorporate LED indicators to provide visual feedback or status indication.
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