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    Safety Labels

    What are Safety Labels?

    Safety labels are used to provide safety warning for a facility or workplace. They give people nearby a clear warning of the danger to expect when in an unsafe area, operating certain equipment and using specific liquids.

    Their primary use is to prevent accidents and fatal injuries from occurring by conveying a safety message or indicate the correct way to operate machinery. Safety labels are found in most workplaces and are essential when considering health and safety requirements. RS have a range of EN 61340-5-1 compliance labels, so you can have confidence in buying these safety labels

    Types of Safety Labels

    There are various types of Safety Labels used for many different applications. Some of which include:

    • Fire extinguisher labels and other fire safety labels
    • Chemical hazard labels
    • COSHH labels warning of harmful chemicals
    • Asbestos
    • Electrical warning labels for ensuring that electrical safety procedures are followed
    • Gas warning labels
    • No Smoking labels help to keep in line with safety regulations in the workplace
    • Access labels to notify where there are unsafe areas
    • No parking labels
    • ESD labels
    • Food safety labels

    Browse the broad range of Safety Labels RS have to offer from top brands including; Brady, Eurostat, Fluke, SCS, TE Connectivity & our very own RS PRO.

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