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    Multiplexer & Demultiplexer ICs

    Multiplexers are semiconductor ICs that have been designed to control a signal movement within the circuit. Multiplexer devices select one signal input from a several digital or analogue channels and forwards it further to the circuit whilst demultiplexers receives the output signals from the multiplexer and the receiver end converts them back to the original form.

    How do multiplexers & demultiplexers work?

    Multiplexer ICs selects one of several analogue or digital input signals and forwards the selected input into a single line. The selected lines determine which input will be connected to the output.

    Demultiplexers ICs feature a single and multiple output lines. what differentiates a multiplexer and demultiplexer is that a multiplexer takes two or more signals and encodes them, whereas a demultiplexer performs the reverse action.

    Types of multiplexers & demultiplexers

    Multiplexers an demultiplexers are available in 2 - 1 multiplexer (1 selection line), 8 - 1 multiplexer(3 selection lines), 8 - 1 multiplexer(3 selection lines) and 16 - 1 multiplexer (4 selection lines).

    As well as being offered with variations of logic families, the number of pins on the IC, different mount types and support for various types of voltage.


    These ICs have a range of application use such as;

    • Audio signal routing
    • PDAs
    • Battery-powered systems
    • Communications systems
    • Telephone Network
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