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    Padlocks are a type of lock which is both portable and removable. A traditional padlock features a shackle which is passed through a hole, chain or staple, and secured. They are made up of a main body, the shackle and a locking mechanism inside. Padlocks and combination padlocks provide security for commercial and residential use.

    High-security padlocks are easy to use anti-theft security locks. Padlocks, combination padlocks and smart padlocks are available in various sizes, with 10 mm to 300 mm shackle length. Padlocks can be made from various metals, such as brass, titanium and stainless steel. Hardened steel is used for extra protection in high-security padlocks.

    Weatherproof padlocks are water and corrosion-resistant so are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Speciality plastic-covered padlocks, also known as laminated, are ideal for electrical application and offer superior resistance to chemicals and temperature.

    Types of padlocks

    • Key padlocks require a separate key to lock and unlock the mechanism. Some key padlocks are self-locking, meaning they lock automatically when the shackle is inserted back into the lock.
    • Combination padlocks do not use a key. Instead they use a series of wheels which, when aligned correctly, allow the lock to open.
    • Smart padlocks, or Bluetooth padlocks, connect to smart devices which can allow access.
    • Anti-pick padlocks are designed to be almost impossible to pick and open. This is ideal for extra security.

    Key-Lock type padlocks can be divided into two categories:

    • Keyed Alike - Use a single key to open multiple locks. Keying locks alike is a great time-saving solution as, with only one key, time does not need to be spent looking for the correct one. It also saves having to carry around a large bunch of keys.
    • Keyed to differ - Each lock will come with its own key, one which cannot be used on any other locks.

    How to choose the right padlock?

    To choose the right padlock you need to consider a number of aspects:

    • The material used for body and shackle
    • The size & type of padlock (Long shackle padlock, heavy-duty padlock, smart padlock, combination padlock)
    • Shackle diameter
    • The shackle securing mechanism
    • Working environment (Indoor or Outdoor)
    • Keyed to differ or alike padlock option
    • Value of the assets being protected
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