Door Catches

Door catches are typically used on internal doors, cupboards and general storage solutions to ensure that the doors are held shut. They are typically screw mounted to ensure a secure, long-lasting and reliable installation. Some can be pressed mounted into place, where a structural lip or support can hold the catch in place.

Catches can be fitted at any height on a door however the most common placements are either central often beside the main handle access or split between the top and bottom of a door. This split installation can offer a better closure for a door as the two catches can provide more even pressure across the length of the door while a central lock or latch can also hold creating three hold points on the door.

Materials and finishes

Materials and finishes vary based on the catch application and can be manufactured in a range of solid, robust materials such as brass, steel, reinforced nylon and a range of plastics to ensure it is reliable and has a long service life. Finished acrylic these different material types varies, metal parts can be plated, the plating reduces the requirement of any maintenance and helps to retain its appearance over time.

Types of Door Catches

  • Ball Catch
  • Double Ball Catch
  • Magnetic Catch
  • Pressure Catch
  • Grabber Catch

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Description Price Catch Type Material Dimensions Catch Fixing Hole Distance Strike Fixing Hole Distance Length Width Fixing Hole Size
RS Stock No. 341-0359
Double Ball Brass 60 x 11.5mm 50.0mm 27.0mm 60.0mm 12.0mm 4.0mm
RS Stock No. 341-0337
Double Ball Brass 43 x 8.5mm 35.0mm 18.0mm 43.0mm 8.5mm 4.0mm
RS Stock No. 341-0343
Double Ball Brass 50 x 9.5mm 41.0mm 20.0mm 50.0mm 9.5mm 4.0mm
RS Stock No. 341-0371
Double Ball Brass 70 x 12.5mm 57.0mm 30.0mm 70.0mm 12.5mm 4.0mm