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    Phoenix Contact Signal Conditioners

    A signal conditioner is a device that turns one type of electrical signal into another so that it may be processed. Signal conditioners are used to transform signals that are difficult to interpret with standard instruments. The output signal can then be used for data collecting and machine control.

    Phoenix Contact signal conditioners are curated to ensure optimal efficiency, reliability, and protection. These devices ensure interference-free transmission of signals and data. The choice of signal conditioners depends upon the type of application and environment in which the device will be situated within. The device can be configured and calibrated accordingly to ensure that the product is suitable for a wide variety of usages.

    What does a signal conditioner do?

    In essence, a signal conditioner or controller is known as a device that provides modification and manipulation of signals to ensure they are compatible with other devices to meet further processing requirements. Phoenix Contact offer a range of signal conditioners to ensure the essential circuity between sensors and data acquisition systems is achieved.

    What does a signal conditioner consist of?

    Phoenix Contact signal conditioners have been produced to ensure processes can be carried out so that the desired output is achieved. These processes can include and are not limited to, filtering, conversion, amplification, isolation, and range matching. Other attributes to consider include the input signal type, output signal type, input range, output range, supply voltage, module type, number of channels, mounting type and hazardous are certifications. Browse RS for a range of Phoenix signal conditioners that are available for free next day delivery.

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