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    OMRON Timer Relays

    Timer relays are an incredibly useful component in many electrical systems. Simply put they will do one of the following things:

    • Delay the energising of a circuit.
    • Delay the de-energising of a circuit.

    They use an integrated timer to perform these functions in one or more directions. Timer relays are usually supplied in either open or closed varieties.

    There are 5 main types of timer relay. As well as on and off relays that open or close you will also find one shot relays, repeat cycle relays and interval on/flasher relays. All of these can delay functions for a few milliseconds or several days depending on application.

    Common uses for delay relays are:

    • Lighting circuits
    • Traffic controls
    • Dispensing equipment
    • Burglar alarms
    • Sprinkler systems
    • Lift doors
    • Fan controls

    Why Choose OMRON Time Delay Relays?

    OMRON are the name to trust for all your electrical components but are particularly known for their electromechanical relays. When you're looking for flexibility, reliability and value for money, OMRON will always have a component that meets your needs.

    OMRON H3CR Multifunction Relays

    Omron H3CR timer relays are solid-state multifunctional timers that come in four main varieties:

    • H3CR-A – Multifunctional timers
    • H3CR-F – Twin timers
    • H3CR-G - Star-delta timers
    • H2CH-H – Power off-delay timers

    Most of these can be supplied in 8 or 11 pin models for easy fitment. The A range offers incredible flexibility allowing you to keep less timer models in stock. They also have easy sequence checking and simple analogue controls for stress-free operation. The twin timer version can be set with ranges from 0.05 s to 300 h. A full range of accessories is also available. For more information check out the H3CR Datasheet.

    OMRON H3Y Series Time Relays

    The OMRON HY3 series of miniature timers have pin configurations that are compatible with MY Relay. They come in mono and multi-function options allowing you to set a fixed time range or use intervals, flicker-On and flicker-Off modes. They can be set with a short or long time range up to 10 hrs.

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