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    Cynergy3 Reed Relays

    Relays are a type of switch that is operated electronically to turn on or off current within an electric circuit. Cynergy3 reed relays consist of a reed switch, an electromagnetic coil, an optical diode, a package, and a method of connection. This combination of components is used to control one or more reed switches. Reed relays typically contain small and lightweight moving parts that can switch quickly and efficiently.

    Types of Reed Relay

    At RS Components we offer a wide range of Cynergy3 reed relays with different specifications to meet the needs of your application. These features include:

    • Three different contact configurations – SP-NC, SPNO and SPST
    • Various mounting types - panel mount and PCB mount
    •  Range of maximum switching current AC and DC
    • Range of maximum switching voltage AC and DC
    • Lengths range from 22.86mm to 60mm

    Typical Applications

    Cynergy3 reed relays are commonly used with the medical industry more specifically in defibrillators. They are also commonly used in electrosurgical equipment, electric vehicle charging and insulations and semi-conductor testing.

    How do reed relays operate?

    Reed relays operate by using an electromagnetic coil that controls the reed switch. They do not contain any moving parts and reliably provide fast switching speeds. Cynergy3 reed relays are protected from external contaminants and corrosion because they are hermetically sealed.

    Cynergy3 is at the forefront of RF relay technology and provides high-quality products that are rigorously tested to provide the best performance. Quality and innovation are at the centre of Cynergy3. Find a wide range of Cynergy3 reed relays at RS Components where we strive to give you the best offers from our supplier and to promptly deliver in the shortest time.

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