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    OMRON Power Relays

    Power relays are possibly one of the most ubiquitous electrical components available. They are regularly used in a wide range of industries including automotive, healthcare, energy management and robotics. Their purpose is to control large electrical loads in circuits such as those found in motors, heaters, lighting and safety systems. They work by creating a magnetic field that causes a set of contacts to touch, allowing a current to flow through the relay. When the field is removed the contacts separate and the circuit is broken. They are essential for safe operation of many electrical systems.

    Why choose OMRON Power Relays?

    Although power relays are often seen as a standard "bread-and-butter" component, they are one of the most important to get right. That's why OMRON have become the preferred manufacturer of power relays for a wide range of industries – in fact, globally, they sell 25 relays per second.

    Additionally, over the last 90 years, OMRON have proven themselves to be not just amongst the most reliable technology brands, but also one of the most innovative. They have 1,200 employees dedicated to research and development to ensure whichever industrial relay you choose, it will work time and again resulting in minimal downtime.

    OMRON Electrical Relay Ranges

    • G2R Range

    The OMRON G2R range of power relays includes PCB mount and plug in options, as well as latching and non-latching housings for maximum flexibility. They are also designed and engineered to be especially hardworking. In fact, the 6mm G2RV relay offers double the lifespan of other 6mm relays (6A; 250VAC NC/NO). The G2R-( )-S series are particularly space saving and reduce wiring when compared to sockets in other ranges. They also feature a coil-disconnection self-diagnostic function and built-in operational indicator to keep things easy to monitor.

    • MY-GS Series

    The MY-GS series of miniature power relays comes with a whole host of additional features. Chief amongst these is an increase in easily accessible information. Important data such as specifications, model number and safety standards are included on the top surface so you can check them while the relay is mounted in place. You can also see immediately the contact operating status. Finally, an LED indicator shows whether the coil voltage is AC or DC to prevent incorrect usage.

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