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    Phoenix Contact Relays| RS

    Take a look at our Phoenix Contact Relay Interfaces, available for next day delivery!

    Electromechanical Interface Relays prevent any type of digital signal interference, they include galvanic isolation which isolates and amplifies signals ensuring a smooth input and output of signals. Electromechanical Interface Relay Modules are commonly used in medical conditions such as X Ray and electro-physical installations and are vital to the function of automated systems. These modules ensure reliable, safe transmissions and are used alongside machinery.

    A Relays purpose is to output a level of isolation to the input and output circuits whereas a relay Interface's purpose is to ensure that galvanic isolation has been frequently intensified and is decisive. Due to their different voltages, they are kept separate from each other. These relay Interfaces implement the algorithms needed for the collaboration of special control instruments and the functional components of special control instruments.

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