Raspberry Pi Cases

A case for your Raspberry Pi will help to keep it safe and protected, especially on the move. Cases are designed with enough space to secure your development board as well as add ons and peripherals like cameras and HATs.

Whether you're looking for your board’s first case or an upgrade, take a look at our range of stylish covers and cases. We've got a choice of sizes, colours and options tailored to specific boards - including Raspberry Pi 4 cases.

Types of Raspberry Pi Cases

Raspberry Pi cases come in different sizes in order to fit and protect different versions of Raspberry Pi boards such as the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B case, Raspberry Pi 3 case and Raspberry screen cases. We stock Official Raspberry Pi cases as well as other quality brands. RPi cases are designed to fit perfectly around your RPi and are usually moulded out of plastic in a range of colours with a number of impressions inside to accommodate the board's component parts including PCB pillar supports to align and position the development board. Some RPi cases have a modular construction with removable covers, faceplates or side panels that snap-together for design flexibility. This modular construction allows more space for installing components and easy access to GPIO pins on the board. Raspberry Pi cases are available for DIN rail mounting for use in applications such as heating control, lighting control and energy metering.

Features of Raspberry Pi Cases

  • Designed for use with specific boards - please check compatibility
  • Constructed from metal or robust plastic
  • Internal recesses for development board and components
  • PCB pillar supports to align and position the development board
  • Ventilation slots for dissipation of heat from the internal components
  • Enclosures with modular construction fro design flexibility and access to GPIO pin
  • Cut-outs for accommodating USB and Ethernet ports and connectors such as HDMI, micro USB and RCA audio-video jacks
  • LED apertures that allow status LEDs to be visible through the case
  • Lens aperture for a camera
  • Wall or DIN rail mounting features
  • Rubber feet

We have a selection of cooling fans and heatsinks that can be installed for better thermal management to keep your Raspberry Pi cool when in operation.

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Description Price For Use With Colour Series External Dimensions Body Material Priced to Clear
RS Stock No. 201-2172
Mfr. Part No.ZP-0095
Raspberry Pi 4 Model Grey - 91.4 x 62.2 x 31.6mm Aluminium -
RS Stock No. 183-3486
Mfr. Part No.Pi3A+ Case
Raspberry Pi 3A+ Red, White Official - Plastic -
RS Stock No. 136-9542
Raspberry Pi Touch Screen Black SmartiPi Touch 220 x 38 x 136mm - -
RS Stock No. 167-9007
Raspberry Pi 3B+, Raspberry Pi and a Pi HAT Black - - ABS -
RS Stock No. 187-3435
Mfr. Part No.ASM-1900138-01
- Clear Pi 4 Slide 95 x 63 x 30mm ABS -
RS Stock No. 202-4896
Mfr. Part No.110218B
- - - - - -
RS Stock No. 187-3434
Mfr. Part No.ASM-1900138-11
- White Pi 4 Slide 95 x 63 x 30mm ABS -
RS Stock No. 183-6990
Mfr. Part No.Pi3A+ Case
Each (In a Box of 160)
Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ Red, White Official 65 x 56mm ABS -
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