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    A family of Broadcom miniature and compact USB handheld spectrometers allowing UV, VIS and NIR measurements. Covering many areas of the industry along with biomedical and scientific research. The optical spectrometry applications include analysis in many fields such as water quality, material and polymer, chemical also raman spectroscopy. Besides this Qmini and Qwave spectrometers take colour and light measurements, in addition to process control and monitoring and environmental monitoring. The spectrometer Qmini is a miniature device with 64 x 42 x 14.5 mm package size and the Qwave compact unit dimension size is 89.5 x 68 x 19.5 mm.

    Broadcoms spectroscopy product line offers comprehensive onboard processing and evaluation for embedded solutions and mobile analysis devices. With many wavelength range configurations, high spectral resolution and several communication interfaces for measurements. The application software WAVES and the software development kit is available to download from Broadcoms website.

    The slit evaluation kit for the Qmini AFBR-S20M2XX and Qwave AFBR-S20W2XX series spectrometers AFBR-S20SK-V2 RS 220-7149 will let you increase the spectral sensitivity in your evaluation process.

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