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    Flyback Converters

    A flyback converter is a specific type of power management component, most commonly found in power supplies (PSUs) where it functions as a type of buck-boost converter.

    In effect, a flyback converter is a simple switch-mode power supply that's able to generate a DC output from either an AC or a DC input.

    What are flyback converters used for, and what are their main advantages?

    • Flyback converters are most commonly used in reasonably low-powered applications and devices, typically in the sub-100W category
    • They're a comparatively simple and cost-effective power management component, thanks chiefly to their relatively low parts count
    • In most cases, they consist of little more than an input capacitor, a primary site switch, a MOSFET, a coupled inductor, an output rectifier, and an output capacitor
    • Flyback converters are designed and built such that when the MOSFET turns on, energy from the input source is stored in the transformer, and power from the input is transferred to the output during the off-time of the primary switch

    Our flyback converter modules are manufactured by several of the leading global brands in power management, circuit building, electrical engineering and component design, including ON Semiconductor, ROHM, Microchip and STMicroelectronics.

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