Welding Accessories

Welding accessories are used with arc welders, MIG welders, inverters and other types of welders to help make welding safer, easier and more efficient. Accessories include liners, shrouds and tips and help you join materials, such as tin gauge metal sheets or heavy steel pipes, by securely fusing them together.

The most common types of welding accessories include:

  • Magnetic holders earth clamps and holder clamps - these allow you to securely position and fix your materials during welding.

  • Electrode holders - designed to mechanically hold a welding electrode in position.

  • Electrodes - used to conduct current through a workpiece to fuse two pieces together.

  • Welder's hammers - used for removing any excess welding substances.

  • MIG welding wire - to enable you to form a solid, long-lasting weld.

  • Torch tips - they're subject to considerable abuse and so it's important to keep the surface smooth by replacing them.

  • Welding curtains - safety gear which helps prevent welders or bystanders from getting injured. Since welding involves volatile gases, good ventilation is required. Welding curtains can be hung in strips or panels to reduce the chance of injury to workers in the area.

  • Welding accessory kits - can include wire in various sizes and torch kits with tips, shrouds and liners.

  • Argon disposable bottles - for use with portable MIG welding machines to keep your machine running when you're out of the workshop.

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