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    Solder Suckers

    Solder suckers also known as de-soldering pumps are a classic option. To prepare this hand tool for use, press the lever down until it locks, heat the soldered component with a soldering iron. Once the solder has melted place the solder sucker nozzle over the solder and press the release button. This creates a vacuum and sucks up the melted material. For more delicate components consider the anti-static solder suckers for greater protection to components.

    What are the benefits of Solder Suckers?

    • Easy to remove dry, old solder material
    • Quick to set up and easy to operate
    • Portable, easy to store


    Solder Suckers are used in a variety of applications such as;

    • Electronic servicing
    • PCB assembly
    • Repairing components
    • Wiring installation for many DIY projects
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