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    Flap Wheels

    Flap wheels are made from aluminium oxide or nylon grain with flexible cloth backing. Flap wheels are more than 10 times faster than hand sanding and ideal for deburring and finishing the inside of holes and contours and providing excellent cut rate on low-pressure finishing operations.

    What are they used for

    Flap wheels are designed to sand pieces with contour or a profile. This can be on a door, a piece of furniture or a hobby project. Flap wheels are designed to be flexible and conform themselves to the shape being sanded.

    How they work

    Select the right flap wheel for application, the wheel inserted into a pneumatic air tool, drill or mini rotary tools. Grinding with a consistent push-pull technique will produce the best results. Flap wheels are particularly effective for rust removal and general finishing.

    A variety of grits and grades provide different levels of material removal, at RS has a vast range of grits to suit all applications.

    • Fine for sanding bare wood in preparation for finishing, not suitable for removing varnish or paint from wood, used for cleaning plaster and water stain from woodCoarse for Rapid removal of material.
    • Medium for sanding bare wood in preparation for finishing, for gentle removal of varnish, also used for skateboard grip tapVery fine for sanding of bare wood.
    • Coarse for the very fast removal of material, the initial sanding of hardwood floors.
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