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    Milwaukee Impact Wrenches

    Impact wrenches are heavy-duty power tools designed for the tightening or loosening of even the toughest fastenings, such as sockets, nuts and bolts. They allow for a high level of torque for socket wrenching with minimal user effort output. Traditionally pneumatic-powered tools, impact wrenches have increasingly become corded, mains-powered tools or cordless, battery-powered tools, making them more accessible and easier to use for a wider range of users.

    Impact wrenches are easy to use and offer a level of socket drive difficult to achieve with a manual tool. Sometimes referred to as impact guns or air wrenches, these tools are often used in automotive repair shops, product assembly and in construction. They are also used by pit crews in auto racing for quick tyre changes, easily identified by their iconic whirring noise.

    At RS, we have carefully curated our range of impact wrenches to feature products from leading brands in the industry, including Bosch, DeWALT, Milwaukee and Makita. We have brushed and brushless varieties, drive sizes of 1/4inch, 3/8inch and 1/2inch, and a choice of corded or cordless impact wrenches in various lightweight and ergonomic designs.

    What is the difference between Impact Wrenches and Impact Drivers?

    Impact wrenches and impact drivers are different tools, but can often be confused due to their similar names. It's important to know the difference, as they definitely can't replace each other! Whereas impact wrenches are used to remove or loosen sockets, nuts or bolts, impact drivers are used to drill long screws into wood or metal. An easy way to tell these tools apart is to look at their drives - impact drivers typically have a 1/4inch hex collet, but impact wrenches have a 1/2inch square drive.

    Pneumatic or Battery Power?

    Pneumatic power tools use compressed air as a power source. They are often a more affordable option and do not require an external power source, such as a charging point or batteries.

    Cordless impact wrenches are typically capable of higher torque outputs but require recharging as they are battery-powered.

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