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    Bosch Heat Guns & Nozzles

    Bosch Heat Guns are battery-powered or corded tools used in both home and industrial settings. A Bosch hot air gun is perfectly suited to drying, shaping, thawing and dust-free removal of paint. Different types of Bosch Heat Guns are available, ranging from 1400 W to 2300 W in power. You can adjust the temperature of Bosch hot air guns and they can achieve operating temperatures of up to 650°C. The professional design and rubber lining allows you to safely deactivate the Bosch Heat Guns even when they are hot. Cordless technology is available in the form of battery powered hot air guns, as well as the traditional corded version for increased power. Work is made easier by the variety of available Bosch Heat Gun Nozzles, which provide increased versatility and flexibility. These robust tools are built to an excellent standard and work with uncompromising efficiency.

    What types of Heat Gun Nozzles are available?

    • Angle Nozzle
    • Concentration Nozzle
    • Reduction Nozzle
    • Reflector Nozzle
    • Surface Nozzle
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