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    Power Adhesives Glue Gun

    Power Adhesives glue guns are a perfect hand tool that provide an instant bond between two or more surfaces such as fabrics, plastic, wood and more. These glue guns come with different options for hot glue gun adhesive types, making them useful for a wide range of applications from regular crafts all the way up to industrial uses.

    Power adhesives glue guns are a low-temperature adhesive option for bonding plastics, wood, and foam. These types of glues are great for hobbyists, crafters and other general DIYers who want an easy to use and reliable way to stick things together.

    Hot and Low Melt Glue Gun Adhesive Types

    You can choose from hot and low melt glue guns. With hot melts you have a limited time to use them before they cool down. Adhesive glue guns with a low melt glue allows you to adjust the temperature settings. A low melt adhesive is perfect for projects such as crafts, wall art and many other jobs that require a strong bond but are made quickly or in a small quantity.

    They typically have a heating element in their core that gets very hot when the trigger is pulled. This temperature allows the adhesive inside to melt and flow onto whatever you're trying to stick together. They have a variety of glue types including PVA and solvent based which can be mixed with solvents or water-based serums.

    They are electrically powered or hand-powered and the adhesive that comes with the glue gun is already prepped so all you have to do is dispense it onto your material, then position them and wait for it to cure or harden.

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