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    Cordless Electric Screwdrivers

    With their long lasting batteries, cordless screwdrivers will rarely cause an issue of losing power in an untimely manner. Cordless screwdrivers typically have li-ion batteries, which are lightweight, quick to recharge and have no memory effect, meaning you can keep working for longer.

    Our selection of products has been curated to cover a wide range of requirements and includes tools from some of the industry's leading brands, such as Bosch, DeWalt, Makita and our own brand, RS PRO.

    Why should I use a cordless electric screwdriver?

    Cordless electric screwdrivers accommodate a variety of different chucks and driver bits to suit your needs. These can include Phillips, flathead, or Torx bits, making a powered screwdriver just as adaptable as their manual counterparts, with the bits typically made from chromium-vanadium steel. Electric screwdrivers can even be used on tamper-resistant screws.

    By choosing to use a powered tool, you can ensure a quick, tight, and secure finish that you may not be able to achieve with manual screwdrivers.

    Typical cordless electric screwdriver applications

    Electric screwdrivers are appropriate for use on wood, metal, and plastic applications when driving screws and drilling holes. They are ideal for household tasks and medium to light construction, such as home DIY and assembling flatpack furniture, and are typically used by:

    • Builders
    • Electricians
    • Car Mechanics
    • Plumbers
    • DIY enthusiasts
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