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    Dormer Mulititool Accessories

    Multi-tool or oscillating tools are dependable tools to have, due to their versatility and wide range of tasks that can be undertaken. All of these tasks are undertaken due to the number of blades you can use.

    What are they used for?

    Whether drilling wood, masonry, acrylic, metal or any number of other materials, Dormer Multitool Accessories will give you the ability to drill with confidence and accuracy. Some drill bit sets will offer a mix of bit type to cover all types of jobs from wood and metal through to masonry, with some also including more specific bit types such as flat wood drill bit or countersinks.

    Explore the Dormer Multitool accessories to find a set suited for your needs like the Dormer 20-Piece Drill Bit Set, for use with Miniature Drills.

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