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    Drill Stands

    A drill stand or jig is a stabilization tool similar to a vice or clamp designed to hold an electric drill or other small pieces of workshop machinery in a steady position, leaving both hands free to position the chosen workpiece. The drill is loaded into the stand, which normally fits around the collar of the drill, and is locked into the desired position for use. Many drill stands have adjustable brackets to mount rotary tools of varying sizes, with bolts, nuts or screws that are loosened to accommodate the tool's collar diameter.Hand levers or rotary wheels on a drill stand allow the user to manually lower the stabilized spinning drill bit straight down into the surface of the material, providing the ability to drill at a precise angle and to a certain depth that may be difficult to obtain by hand. Drill stands also allow the user to hold the workpiece in place when the rotary tool is being used for various other applications, including sanding, polishing and brushing.

    When would I need a drill stand?

    Drill stands are simple yet remarkably versatile workshop accessories. With the ability to stabilize and adjust the height of the chosen power tool, typically a hand-held drill or similar rotary tool, drill stands allow the user to exert more control over the workpiece instead of having to use one hand on their tool. This added stability can greatly improve the accuracy and precision in workshop tasks.

    How to care for your drill stand

    Drill stands with hand levers or rotational wheels may require lubrication to continue to crank smoothly up and down when used for height control and adjustment. The teeth on the centre column are like ladder rungs for the mounted drill to climb. Grit and dust caught in the gears may make the drill stand difficult to operate, so it is important to keep the stand clean of dust and debris for smooth operation.

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