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    Drill Bits

    Drill bits are cutting tools that are used to remove different types of materials to create a hole, generally always in a circular motion. Having the right size and the right type of bit is a key factor in ensuring the highest standard of work and ensures you can drill with confidence and accuracy.

    Common Types of Drill Bits

    • Twist – The most common type of drill bit and ideal for drilling wood, plastic, and metals. They are generally made from HSS and are suited to general household DIY tasks, as well as professional applications like maintenance and engineering. Check out our twist drill bits guide for more information
    • Masonry – The TCT drill bits are the best to use when drilling brick, block, stone and mortar and are most commonly used in the construction industry. They are generally used with a hammer power tool for more effective results
    • SDS (Slotted Drive System) – These have a special shank that fits into the chuck of an SDS power tool. The SDS system delivers a higher standard and more efficient results than a standard hammer drill when working with harder materials like concrete
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