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    Air Sanders

    Use Air Sanders for surface preparation, ideal for removing rust, body filler, and paint. Air tools are powered by an air compressor that forces pressurised air through a compressor hose. This gives you continuous airflow and fully controlled by a palm or thumb trigger. Our RS PRO range includes a selection of air sanders & polishers with a choice in design from single orbital units to complete kits with sanding disks and buffing pads.

    Why would you need a pneumatic air tool?

    Air sanders are a reliable and versatile air tool that can be used in a range of applications. Interchangeable pad bases allow the user to sand and prepare a surface much quicker than using sandpaper alone. Ideal for small and large projects, plus they are easy to use. To achieve a professional finish a dedicated machine polisher like our pistol polisher set is ideal for removing swirl marks left by orbital sanders.

    Types of pneumatic air sanders

    • Pistol Sander
    • Random Orbital Sander
    • Dual Action Sander
    • Palm Sander

    Things to consider

    When buying a sander/polisher always ensure you work at the rated pressure and use the correct hose connection to avoid air leaks or hose failure. Size matters, a large pad orbital sander is effective for the larger area, but a small pad sander will reach into smaller areas.


    Use an Air Sander in workshops, collision care, and restoration projects.

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