Chassis Mounting Transformers

Chassis mounting transformers are transformers (electrical devices used to transform a high voltage to a low voltage, or vice versa) supplied with mounting devices for attachment to a chassis.

How do chassis mounting transformers work?

Chassis mounting transformers use magnetic induction between coils to convert current and/or voltage levels. They transform alternating current (AC) energy from one circuit to another without changing the frequency.

They are designed for easy mounting to the chassis used to mount electrical components and are made in different sizes for use in large and small devices. Most types will have mounting holes on either the frame or brackets so they can be attached directly to the chassis.

Transformers mount onto chassis in several different ways and are also manufactured in modular designs.

What are chassis mounting transformers used for?

Chassis mounting transformers are commonly used in various electromagnetic, electronic and electrical control scenarios. They have various applications including relays, pumps, speed changers and heating elements.

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Description Price Primary Voltage Rating Secondary Voltage Rating Power Rating Number of Outputs Mounting Type Length Width Depth Dimensions Fixing Hole Diameter Weight Minimum Operating Frequency Maximum Operating Frequency
RS Stock No. 320-1391
Mfr. Part No.CA-42B
200V ac, 220V ac 24V ac 48VA - Chassis 105mm 65mm 70mm 105 x 65 x 70mm - 1.2kg - -
RS Stock No. 320-1082
Mfr. Part No.SD-241
100V ac, 110V ac 6V ac, 12V ac, 15V ac, 20V ac 24VA 1 Chassis 91mm 58mm 60mm 91 x 58 x 60mm 4.5 x 6.5mm 800g 50Hz 60Hz