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    24 V Power Supply

    If you are looking for a high-quality 24 V power supply, then you have come to the right place. Here at RS, we have a comprehensive selection of 24 V PSUs to suit a whole host of industrial, commercial, and domestic applications.

    Our range of power supply units is supplied to us from some of the industry-leading brands including Mean Well, Mascot, TDK-Lambda XP Power, and not forgetting our own trusted brand RS PRO.

    Designed and tested to the highest standards our 24 V desktop power supplies are highly efficient and have a long electrical life.

    Typical applications for a 24 V PSU

    Designed for powering a wide range of portable or fixed equipment 24 V desktop power supplies are perfect for consumer and industrial power solutions. Typical applications include CCTV, laptops, lamps, lighting or instrumentation computing, and office equipment.

    Features and Benefits

    • Energy efficient
    • Highly reliable
    • Long electrical life
    • Medically approved versions are available
    • Fully molded plastic or metal casings
    • Wide range of mains input voltages
    • 24 V ac or 24 V dc outputs
    • Wide variety of output currents
    • Input connector types including IEC C6, C8, C14
    • Various cable lengths
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