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    Festo Pneumatic Cylinder Sensors

    Experience precision and control like never before with Festo pneumatic cylinder sensors. Designed for industrial excellence, these sensors offer robust construction, easy integration, and accurate position monitoring. Elevate your automation processes today and unlock a new level of efficiency.

    Features and benefits:

    • Precise Position Monitoring: Accurately track cylinder movement and position for precise control and synchronization.
    • Robust and Durable Construction: Built to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance in high temperatures, vibrations, and contaminants.
    • Easy Installation and Integration: Seamlessly integrate into existing pneumatic systems with hassle-free installation, minimizing downtime.
    • Versatile Sensor Options: Choose from various sensing principles (reed switches, inductive sensors, magnetic sensors) to meet specific application requirements.
    • Reliable Performance: Experience consistent and reliable sensor operation, providing accurate feedback for improved control and operational efficiency.

    How do pneumatic cylinder sensors work?

    These sensors work by detecting the position of the pneumatic cylinder's piston and converting it into an electrical signal. Typically mounted on the cylinder, the sensor interacts with a magnetic piston. As the piston moves within the cylinder, it triggers the sensor, generating a signal that indicates the position of the cylinder. This signal can then be utilized for precise control, feedback, or integration into a central control system. Air cylinder sensors enable accurate position monitoring, enhancing operational efficiency and facilitating seamless automation in pneumatic systems.

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