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    Norgren Pressure Gauges

    Looking for a dependable way to read pressure levels for gaseous and liquid media in your pneumatic system? Norgren have a great selection of pressure gauges to choose from here at RS.

    You'll find these devices used in applications such as heating, medical equipment, air conditioning, and small capacity compressors. You can select from units with tough stainless steel or ABS housing for optimal durability in demanding industrial conditions. Many come with both a bar and PSI scale for readings, with accuracy levels including 2.5% of the full scale. Norgren's offer includes analogue gauges which use the Bourdon tube principle, which involves a tube that straightens when under pressure. How does this work? When the pressure rises, it makes the dial turn clockwise to display the reading. This type of pressure gauge is both accurate and reliable.

    Norgren pressure gauges are used in many industries such as automotive, food and beverage production, energy, manufacturing, and medical.

    For high-quality pneumatics components that consistently deliver efficient, safe, and reliable performance, choose Norgren products. As specialists in the field of motion control and fluid technology solutions, their products are designed to meet strict standards, so you can trust them for the complex requirements of modern day systems.

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