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    Festo Pneumatic Actuators

    At RS, we offer a comprehensive range of high-performance Festo pneumatic actuators from series including DFPD, DRVS and DHTG.

    Why Choose Festo Actuators?

    Festo actuators are advanced pneumatic components designed to provide reliable and controlled rotary motion in pneumatic systems. These actuators offer power and precision for a wide range of applications, delivering exceptional performance, versatility, and reliability for your pneumatic setup. Their compact design ensures efficient space utilisation and easy installation, whilst withstanding demanding operating conditions and delivering long-lasting performance.

    Key Features:
    • Precise and accurate rotary motion, ensuring positioning and controlled rotation for a variety of automation tasks.
    • Robust construction built with high-quality materials and precision engineering.
    • Highly flexible and easily integrated into existing pneumatic systems.
    • Maintenance-friendly, requiring minimal maintenance, thanks to their reliable construction and efficient operation.
    • We stock a range of Festo accessories for pneumatic rotary actuators, including adjustable cushioning, position sensing, and various mounting options, allowing for customisation and enhanced functionality.
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