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    Festo Pneumatic Silencers

    Festo's pneumatic silencers which are sometimes referred to as a ""muffler"" are a type of component that is used within a pneumatic system to safely vent pressurized air to the atmosphere. These silencers are commonly used with manifolds, valves, cylinders fittings and compressors.

    Vented air that exists from an exhaust port can be so powerful that it can produce a noise loud enough to be harmful to the environment and the workers within it. Did you know that exhausted air can contain contaminants? By introducing a pneumatic silencer, users can make the air cleaner and safer to be in.

    So, how do our Festo pneumatic silencers work? They are installed directly into the exhaust port of pneumatic valves and equipment. They work through diffusing the released air via a larger surface area, and this then reduces the turbulence and decreases the noise levels.

    Festo is a global performance leader, market dominator and technical educator who produces and supplies pneumatic & electrical control and drive technology for factory automation and industrial process automation.

    Offering a comprehensive range of more than 15,000 products that are designed to meet your specific requirements. Festo stands for many years of experience and copious amounts of research, innovations in pneumatics and electric drive technology.

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