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    Norgren Pneumatic Function Fittings

    Explore our range of pneumatic function fittings from IMI Norgren here at RS. Norgren have a broad selection of fitting components available to help you complete your system, including flow regulators to control air flow rate.

    The T1000 series offers block form flow regulators which are uni-directional. These devices are suitable for both panel and wall mounting, giving you more options for where to install them. They are designed with aluminium alloy housing which can withstand tough operating conditions, so you can reliably use them in industrial applications. These convenient units also have an adjusting knob to let you control the force of your compressed air.

    The Pneufit C series push-in fittings provide quick and easy set-up as they require no tools, making them an ideal choice if you need a ready-to-use solution. They are made of nickel plated brass to ensure superior resistance against corrosion and contamination, for a longer life-span. They also have a releasable stainless steel grab ring so that they can hold tubing firmly without causing damage.

    Also available is the C00GP series fittings, which are in-line flow regulators. They can operate up to 10 bar pressure and have a captive regulator needle which will not blow out when unscrewed, making them a dependable choice. Benefits of the C00GP series units include: in-line or panel mounting, nickel plated brass construction, up to 60°C operating temperature, and NBR seals.

    Optimise your compressed air system with pneumatic function fittings from IMI Norgren and experience flawless system performance.

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