Hydraulic Fluids & Filtration

Hydraulic fluid and filtration systems help hydraulic machinery run more smoothly, reliably and efficiently. Our range of hydraulic fluids provides enhanced power transfer, lubrication and wear protection across a range of system types, pumps and motors.

We stock a selection of durable, high quality hydraulic filtration products from trusted brands like Elesa-Clayton, Parker, Bosch Rexroth, Castrol and Ambersil, as well as our own great value RS PRO line.

How do different hydraulic fluid and filtration devices work?

  • Hydraulic breather caps and hydraulic filler breather filters allow controlled release of air trapped in fluid hydraulics systems and reservoirs while protecting equipment against unwanted moisture ingress or particle contamination

    • Breather caps can have threaded or bayonet fittings, and sometimes come with added valves, dipsticks or sealing discs

    • They’re often used in oil-cooled electrical transformers, as venting parts for gearboxes, and in the transport of combustible substances

  • Hydraulic filters help clean and maintain the fluids circulating in a closed hydraulic system, removing unwanted particles from oil or water loops

    • This increases the longevity of the system and ensures a more reliable performance over time

    • Various types of hydraulic filters are available, depending on where in the system they’re fitted

    • Return filters sit downstream from all components, and filter liquid before it returns to the tanks; in-line hydraulic filters and hydraulic suction strainers are used more directly to protect a specific component (e.g. pumps)

  • Portable hydraulic filtration units are ideal for cleaning up existing systems, and for transferring or conditioning hydraulic fluids when switching between systems

    • Often called offline filtration devices, these mobile filter cart or filter drum units are commonly used in industrial power flushing, wand flushing, or for attaching to immovable hydraulics machinery as an additional layer of filtration

We also stock a range of replacement hydraulic filter elements in most common configurations - radial/axial flow, coarse/fine filtration, high/low pressure - for general hydraulic filtration maintenance and upkeep.

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